Friday, 6 February 2009

Snowball observations 6.2.2009 - 20.00 utc >

Radio Snowball from Stavropol, Russia is giving better signal this evening than week ago!!

Russian rap-music and announcements in English on 6630 kHz!
My mp3-clip at 20.12 utc. Deep fading.

Other observations:
South Sweden (Göran Hardenmark) Listen mp3 (later) (www)
Holland (Black Arrow) - Listen mp3 - Good signal, O=3
Germany (Achim) - Listen mp3 - Weak, O=1 (www)
Germany (Dr. Tim) - Chatting while broadcast
Poland (Warszava, Kristof) - Listen mp3 - Fair signal (www)
Finland (Raisio, Rick) - Listen mp3 - Weak signal (www)
Finland (Pietarsaari, Jan) - Listen Wma - Fair signal
North Finland (Close to Rovaniemi) - Comment below
USA (West Virginia, Alex) - Comment below

EVEN WEAK SIGNAL USA!!!! Not expected!


AHE said...

Hello, very nice signal here in north from Rovaniemi.... Splendid!


Hi !

I hear the station now, at 20.41 with rap music ! I will put later an mp3 file on my blog


Kristof, Poland

achim said...

O=1-2 to northern Germany. Will post audio file later here.
73 achim

Rick said...

I heard Radio Snowball here in south western Finland!
Tomorrow I will put an mp3 file on my blog:


Anonymous said...

Yes, small signal into the state of West Virginia, about 125-km. west-northwest of Washington, D.C. Weak but steady carrier on exactly 6630.0 noted at 2025 UTC, but modulation fading in and out, mostly out I am afraid. But it seemed between rock music, about every 5 minutes, the DJ was speaking. 2049-1/2 UTC, I heard him say "Snowball, Snowball, Snowball." Lost the modulation about 2055, and lost the carrier right around 2100 UTC. QSL-reply would be very great! Best e-mail is avranesjr (at) hotmail (dot) com

Alex Vranes, Jr.
178 Huckleberry Lane,
Harpers Ferry, wV 25425-4588, U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Excellent test this!

Heard the whole hour here in Pietarsaari (Jakobstad in my language). Not strong but OK. Very clear sound and good english when talking. Harder to identify the songtitles...heh...

Thanks everybody involved!!!

Jan II

achim said...

Audio file O=1 northern Germany at around 2030 Utc:

Anonymous said...

Nice signal in Warszava, Poland:

(with little problem on recording-quality).