Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Radio Texas from Serbia to Finland with 80 W!

Last May 2008 I visited many Serbian pirates in the beautiful Serbian countryside. I met also Radio Texas (from Vrsac, East Serbia) which I had heard before in Finland with only 50 W (on 1700 kHz).

On Tuesday evening 30.12.2008 Radio Texas tested new PLL-transmitter with 80 Watts output (playing blues music). Signal was surprisingly good in Finland for some moments on 1694 kHz (21.25 utc). Listen mp3!
Perhaps we can arrange again international broadcast from Serbia to Europe this winter? I am sure many pirate DX-ers would like to have QSL from Serbian pirate station! Let's see. Click the photos >

Here is high quality photo of Texas' new 120 W PLL-tx!

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