Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tubes for sale !

My friend in Serbia is selling tubes worldwide for transmitters and amps. Click the tube-link below for more info:

ECC81 Siemens -- 13.5 eur each ............ 150 pcs

12AT7 General Electric -- 17 eur each .... 300 pcs

PL500 PL504 27GB5 EI Yugoslavia --
19.5 eur each ... 1000 pcs (in stock)

You can also ask for other tubes. He started collecting tubes 25 years ago and has now 25 000 pieces, including 10 000 high quality used tubes. Some of them are in original packages (from Holland and USA forexample). More information of the collection:

You ask more to buy with e-mail

And here is a link for 20 years old schema for pirate AM-transmitter with PL509-tube. He used pirate-name "Columbia" from Pancevo (in Serbia, near Belgrade).


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