Thursday, 15 December 2011

Radar Serbia Radio on air Sat 17.12.2011 !

Results of Radar Serbia Radio's test
At least 4 reception reports from Europe from Sat 17.12.2011 test broadcast (40 Watts on 2023 kHz)

Patrick from Austria SINPO: 23322. Audio-clip
2) Wolf from Berlin, Germany. Report + spectrum photos
3) Thomas from Germany. SINPO: 25422. Report
4) Nick from Great Britain. SINPO: 24222. Audio-clip - Nice signal in UK!

I did not hear Radar myself but here below is acknowledgement-card for me for arranging this test! Thank you !
- Nice job and succesfull test! Wellcome to 48 mb later!

* * * * * *

Small Serbian pirate station, Radar Serbia Radio, will have test broadcast to Europe on Saturday 17th December 2011! Station will be on the air from 20.00 - 23.00 UTC !! Frequency is very exceptional: 2023 kHz!! The power is only 40 Watts AM. Music will be rock.
Real challenge to hear !

Radar Serbia Radio is planning to start on 48 mb !!! Then it would be the first international SW-station from Serbia (Radar is also using frequencies between 1600 - 1800 kHz, but not often because that band is overcrowded in SE Europe)!

Here is youtube-video of this station brodcasting techno on 2023 kHz!
E-mail to the station:

Below here is a photo of station's first 40 W-transmitter. There is a bigger under construction! It is mosfet-transmitter which is very exceptional (used also by Radio Texas in Serbia with bigger power). Click:

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