Saturday, 10 October 2009

Female-pirate-QSL after 33 years of listening!!

When I was school-boy during 70's I tuned and reported hundreds of pirate stations on SW and MW. I sent letters especially to Dutch MW-pirates and got many nice replies (listed here).

A few weeks ago I had interesting e-mail-contact from Zender Ricardo from Oude Pekela, NE Holland. He is ex-pirate operator from the 70's. He has built own web-page of many pirates from that time and he also found my page of Dutch stations! Ricardo's nice and rare photos can be found here (many lady-pirate-photos!).

One very interesting point is that he recognized one of my old recordings (1976) from my page. .
He identified this to be female pirate Zendster Mira, also from Oude Pekela (my recording 1976)!!!

Zendster Mira was broadcasting weekly music programmes for 5 years during late 70's on around 1620 kHz, MW (Transmitter: 3x VT4C, modulator 2 x EL519, out about 300 Watts)!

It was also nice surprise that this lady is alive and kicking very well !!

So, after 33 years of my listening I got QSL-card from this lady-pirate! Zender Ricardo invited her to his home. She listened her voice from my internet page - and wrote me QSL - after 33 years of listening !! I got it posted in letter)!
Here is the photo of that QSL-writing! >>

This is absolutely the most special QSL I have ever had in my DX-career!! (I have more than 1700 QSL's).
Big and warm thanks to Zender Ricardo and to Zendster Mira!


uk dxer said...

That's great Harri!

It must be a record for the longest time to receive a QSL reply!

Ian Biggar said...

It beats me!

I received a QSL card from Dublin's Radio Valleri in 1999 for my reception on 6317 khz in October 1973. So only 26 years, hi!

Anonymous said...

Greetings to UK and thanks for comments. There are tiny chances to beat this 33... :)

Unknown said...

yes old ricardo from the nederlands

Anonymous said...

Excellent story.