Thursday, 17 September 2009

Serbian pirates tested - no signals in Finland

New Serbian pirates tested signal to Finland on late Saturday evening 19.9 at 20. 00 utc = 22.00 hours Central European Time! The tests lasted about 15-20 minutes around 1690 and 1700 kHz...

These stations were Radio Fenix and Radio Novi Probni, both have powers about 100 - 200 watts .
However, no signals in Finland that evening!

There might be a problem with my antenna. I have to check - or there were no conds.

If you have heard these stations, please leave your comment to my blog!

WE WILL ARRANGE NEW TEST LATER THIS AUTUMN - perhaps summer is too close...

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Anonymous said...


Arvid Husdal and I were on a small "DX-pedition" to Lista on the south coast of Norway this weekend. We heard many interesting things; see for a preliminary pirate log!

For some reason, our "Balkan antenna" (100 m of wire towards the south) didn't work very well (low signals and much noise). But we did hear a weak station on 1700 at 2158 CET (disco / dance music, voice at 2211 - still on at 2217) and something on 1690 at 2202 CET (probably two stations, of which the stronger station was probably Greek). We also heard a weak (Greek?) station on 1709,5 at around the same time.

73, Kai Salvesen