Friday, 11 January 2008

Serious DX-Weekend 10.1 - 13.1.2008

Since many weeks I had serious pirate-DXing on MW and SW!!
1) The highlight was incredibly clean signal of Pirate Music, Italy on 6882 kHz (Friday night) !! Listen the mp3! Three SW-Italians received (6220, 6310 and 6882 kHz)!
2) Also a Greek pirate on 6268 kHz (mp3) on Sunday midday was a surprise. I heard that same station on 1619 kHz on Friday evening (tracked from the given GSM-number) !!
3) MW-Greeks were strong on Friday evening/night around 1670 kHz, but they are impossible to ID (sample mp3, no id here), or even know where the station-ID might be in QSO-talking sessions!

Log Sunday 13.1.2008
5815 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands. Regards from/to many listeners. It is wise to broadcast here if having regular programmes. No interferencies like on 48 mb - 09.08- (O=2-4)
6200 kHz - Radio Scotland (www), Beilen, Holland (6200,4). Bad noise 6199 kHz - 10.50- (O=2-3+) mp3

6210 kHz - Radio Borderhunter, Holland. Played title to Spanish listener - 10.37- (O=2-4)
6220 kHz - Radio Mystery, Italy. Three italian SW-stations today (6220, 6310, 6882 kHz) - 09.00- (O=2-4)
6254 kHz - Britain Radio International, UK. Not audible every Sunday but today a bit better conds - 10.35- (O=0-2)
6262 kHz - Radio Altrex, Holland. "This is Radio Altrex" and R.E.M. + Bruce played. Stronger later during the day. QSLed already! Tnx! - 09.10- (O=0-2+)

6265 kHz - Premier Radio, Ireland tentatively. Started to come up weakly after 11utc. Also weak signal on 6266 kHz (Galaxy?) (both O=0-1)
6268 kHz - UNID, Greece gave GSM which was exactly the same which I heard on Friday evening on 1619 kHz!! 6978056326. - 09.43- (O=0-2+) mp3
6276 kHz - Radio GDR, East-Germany. "Radio GDR International -Golf Delta Romeo". Address given - 09.30- (O=1-3) mp3-a mp3-b
6280 kHz - Radio Saturnus, Holland. Gave GSM. Studio-tx-photo - 09.30- (O=2-3+) mp3
6295 kHz - Radio Grenstad, Holland - 09.10- (O=1-3)
6305 kHz - Radio Valencia, Holland tentatively, - 10.32- (O=1-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Malaisy, Italy tentatively. Dance - 15.00- (O=2-3+)
6325 kHz - Radio Merlin International, UK. Good signal-peaks today. Bad QRM! 10.30- (O=0-2+)
6400 kHz - WMR Scotland, UK. Weak - 09.50- (O=0-2)
6420 kHz - LHH, Ireland. Weak (6420,6 kHz) - 09.50- (O=0-2)
12257 kHz - Wrekin Radio International, UK. Nice px. Audible for 2h with signal peaks. Closed down with The News (relayed from legal-service) at 11.05. (O=0-2+) mp3

Log Saturday 12.1.2008
1645 kHz - Radio Barones, Neede, Holland. "Baro" seems to get a lot of sms-messages from all over Europe. One of the most famous pirate station - 21.45- (O=2-4)
6311 kHz - Radio Barretina International, Catalonia, Spain. I think this station relayed now Radio Catalonia (FM). I think Radio Barretina-ID's comes automaticly over relayed programme after about every 10 minutes! - 23.00- (O=1-3) mp3

Log Friday 11.1.2008
1385 kHz - Radio Makedonia, Greece. This seems to be on air every weekend or even every day (like Radio Anatolia on around 1630 kHz) - 00.00- (O=0-3) mp3
1619 kHz - UNID Greece gave GSM: 6978056326. Same GSM heard on 6268 kHz on Sunday!! Very strong QSO-signals from Greece on Friday night but impossile to ID... mp3
1652 kHz - Novi Studio, Smederevo, Serbia. First time I heard this Serbian station, but I was not quick enough to record it. However I have photos of this station: Photo 1, Photo 2 - 19.44- (O=2-3+) Click the photo >

1650 kHz - Radio Kalistera, Greece. Tried QSO to Novi Studio but Serbian did not reply. - 19.46- (O=1-2+) mp3
3902 kHz - Radio Bluestar, Holland. Short test - 21.20- (O=2-3+) mp3
6882 kHz - Pirate Music, Italy (=Planet FM before). Incredibly high quality on free frequency. Only little fading, no multipath dist. Only non stop music - no ID's. LISTEN THE QUALITY: Mp3 (I recorded 26 kHz-spectrum) ! - 23.00- (O=4-5)

Log Thursday 10.1.2008
On Thursday evening (10.1. 2008) I tuned Dutch pirates on MW since long time. I am not so motivated to listen them here at my home in Naantali because of poor antennas (48mb dipole is the best here).

In our DX-camp (burned down, new building is under construction) I had super-signals with 1 km longwires ! You can listen my Dutch pirate-clips tuned 2 years ago, in January 2006 with 1 km longwire-antenna: "45 in 24uur" (158 mp3-clips!!!).

1642 kHz - Zender Edelweiss, Holland (1642.5 kHz) - 20.49- (O=1-3) mp3
1646 kHz - Radio Corona, North Holland - 20.47- (O=1-3)
1655 kHz - Radio Hawaii, Holland. Gave signal-report to Kolibri and Orient - 20.59- (O=2-3+) mp3
1655 kHz - Radio Orient, Holland with report to Hawaii and Kolibri. Weak mic. (Kolibri was not audible, or perhaps weak signal on 1657,2 kHz). - 21.02- (O=1-3) mp3

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