Saturday, 5 January 2008

QSL from Radio Barretina, Cataluna

First time I heard a pirate radio from Spain! This is Radio Barretina (www) from Cataluna, North Spain (first Spanish SW-pirate ever?)! This station has been on the air very often around 6310 kHz 48 mb with 100 W.

Signal was surprisingly good on Friday evening 4th Jan. 2008 on 6311.1 kHz. They relayed local FM-station, Radio l'Arboç (106.8 MHz in L'Arboç del Penedés) that evening. Here mp3-recording: "Roxette en Radio l'Arboç".
I sent a report to Radio Barretina and I got a QSL-reply by e-mail very quickly, within a few hours! Very nice and detailed QSL (number 14). Click the QSL >>>

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