Sunday, 9 September 2007

Weekend loggings 8 - 9.9.2007

LOG Sat 8.9.2007
3927 kHz - Orion Radio from Holland with rock music and guest DJ Spock (O=1-3) - 1920- mp3
6306 kHz - Radio Brandaris, Holland giving gsm-number (O=2-4). Good signal - 19.10- mp3
6400 kHz - WMR from England. Surprisingly clear signal for some moments (O=2-3) - 19.24-

LOG Sun 9.9.2007
UNIDENTIFIED weak stations at 07.50utc
6291 (tentatively Dr. Tim with Pavarotti-programme!)
6306 (tent. Viking, Holland)
6310 kHz (tent. R Condor).
Thanks for help and comments!


murphy said...

New post could not edit the old post :( ,

Hello Harri,
The unidintified unid on 6306khz that was radio Viking or radio Altrex from the Netherlands.

Greatings murphy

Orion said...

Hello Harri,

thanks for the log,much appreciated. Nice blog-site.

cheers, john