Saturday, 8 September 2007

First September loggings

LOG 4.9.2007
6305 kHz - KLUB KW from Germany. Barely audible (O=0-1) - 18.25-
6310 kHz - Free Radio Holland (O=0-2+) - 18.30-

LOG 1.9.2007
1639 kHz - Radio Hristos, unknown location, Greece. Clear ID. Gives two GSM-numbers. First is 6932748329 (eksi-enea, trianda-dhio, epta, saranda-okto, tria, ikosi- enea) and 6972734489 (O=2-3+) - 18.25- mp3


Radio Bermudadreieck said...

He Harri!
Nice blog and nice you do this work now also. Welcome to the "blog-community". Hope to see more logs of KLUB KW and BERMUDADREIECK here! but of course thanks for the last one. Think you were this evening one of two listeners. The other were here in Germany. Strange conditions on 48m. Greetings DJ Dipol

Marilyn said...

Niice post thanks for sharing