Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cupid Radio's SSTV-message received in Ohio!

Here below is a message from Cupid Radio. The station did air music and jingles but also SSTV-images from time to time. SSTV is a data-image which can be converted to a real image!
Cupid's SSTV-message was received in Ohio, USA!!

"Well harri,
that was a weekend, got some reports from far away. But the conditions were to poor to make a booming signal around the globe. I have send out SSTV-image and this one enclosed I send is received trough DXer in Ohio, USA - maybe it is nice to post on the blog.
regards and tnx, Cupid Radio"

Here is Cupid's SSTV-image - received in Ohio, USA on 21.46 MHz - just in this quality beside!
This is something!!!

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cupid radio said...

thx old dx`r for the nice reception.