Saturday, 22 October 2011

10-28 MHz Test-Weekend for pirates 5-6.11.2011

- - - SATURDAY 5.11.2011 and SUNDAY 6.11.2011 - - -

The sun has reactivated F2-layer and higher SW-frequencies are now open daily up to 28 MHz from Europe to USA and Asia (and vice-versa).
It is now time to arrange new test day for pirates to reach other continents on SW. Last time in January 2011 it was succesfull.

Saturday 5.11 and Sunday 6.11.2011
MORNING 07.00 - 11.00 UTC from Europe to Asia/Japan
AFTERNOON 12.00 - 16.00 from Europe to USA

Let's hope this give positive feelings to Japan who has not yet survived from the terrible tsunami. We here in Finland have learned from the media that Japanese ARE extremely persistent and strong people!! Let's hope there is now again many listerners to join this!

But this weekend is for all SW-pirates to reach other continents! I know there are stations also in USA to try to Europe and Japan. Also many stations in Holland, UK and Finland will certainly join this.

I will publish more exact times later (Wintertime-change on 30.10.2011) and also list of the stations (first with XXXX-markings) with times and frequencies.

Contact me asap if you want to join to broadcast.
Let's make this pirate-hobby global again.


Harri Kujala
Naantali (near Turku)
Direct-mail: harriku*** (***=@)

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