Sunday, 10 October 2010

Serbian pirate Radio YU1 heard in Japan !!

Last week I got interesting e-mail from Hokkaido, Japan from Mr. Ushio Shimpei. There was a sample clip of unknown station heard on 1723 kHz.
It was a sample of Radio YU1, Serbia, which was easy to recognize because his voice has a bit special sound. Also there were many times station-name YU1 mentioned, clear IDs!!

Very nice catch in Japan! Radio YU1 is located near Belgrade and he uses 5 kW transmitter. Here are the photos of YU1's equipment (taken by Radio Texas, Serbia).

Here is mp3-clip of Radio YU1 received in Japan ! Clear and strong signal !

These Japanese DXers are Ushio Shimpei and Gosui Kazuhiro.
There had pedition in country side in Hokkaido near Sapporo, North Japan.
Equipment used:
Receiver: Perseus (SDR-receiver) / Frq: 1723 kHz
Date: 18:00-19:00, 19th September, 2010
Place: Hokkaido Japan,
Antenna:400 m BOG (Beverage On the Ground)
Antenna direction:north-north west

If someone want to contact these Japanes DXers, just put me e-mail - or leave comment under this blog-text.


S.Hasegawa said...

The Washima(Sea of Japan coast in Niigata) DX camping team receives Yu 1 on the same day, too, with Perseus and K9AY.

In addition, another station is received on 1690.33kHz at 1800UT.
I think that it is Greek Pirates.

Nagoya DXers Circle Chief

Anonymous said...

Yes! This clip is also from Serbian Radio YU1! Nice catch, very rare!
The other clip is clearly Greek pirate station on 1690 kHz.
Nice signal but I can not id this station!!

Good catches. Please try Dutch pirates (from Holland) between 1620 kHz - 1670 kHz) - time 18.00 - 24.00 utc, more stations at weekends. Polka music.


Anonymous said...

hey from holland if posible please listen between 1620 and 1665khz for dutch am- pirates thank you 73 from holland