Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday 9.3.2008

I made some updates to my mainpage There are photo-series of transmitters of Radio 98 and Radio Xenos (both from Volos, Greece) and Radio Balkan, Beograd, Serbia.
On SW strongest of the day was Orion Radio and Radio Lowland. Not so many stations on the air.
Playback was very strong on 6882 kHz but Spider (Greece) and Barretina (Spain) were weak.

Log Sunday 9.3.2008
1629 kHz - Radio Javor, Serbia. Heard during the week on Thursday 6.3.2008. This station is easy to recognize because of very strong echo and shouting!! - 19.05- (O=2-3) mp3
1665 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland in QSO with other Dutches. Too late night to track more other stations... - 22.55-
5815 kHz - Orion Radio played Fleetwood Mac. Has been stronger, but was the strongest today
- 08.10- (O=2-3+)
6250 kHz - Radio Friends, Italy. Played a lot of 80's hits in a row. ID sounded also "Queen" - 08.10- (O=0-2) mp3
6254 kHz - Britain Radio tentatively. UK-stations are mostly very weak here in my QTH. Premier Radio on 6265 kHz was not audible today but weak signal was visible for some moments
- 10.25- (O=0-1)
6290 kHz - Free R. Victoria tentatively. Clear, but no talking heard - 08.05- (O=0-2)
6295 kHz - UNID - 10.25- (O=0-1+)
6306 kHz - UNID Dutch, non-stop. Perhaps R. Viking - 10.25- (O=1-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Lowland, Holland. Quite stabile and fair signal -
08.10- (O=2-3)
6325 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland tentatively. No talking heard - 08.10- (O=1-3)
6882 kHz - Playback International gave once again huge audio at night - 23.00- (O=3-5) mp3

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Anonymous said...

Hi I believe that Radio Queen is Radio Friends of Italy. Everyone says Radio Queen but I don't think so.

Dario Monferini confirmed audio as radio Friends